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Note that this service may not be suitable for all clients, and that if you have doubts, you should refer to your investment advisor. Also note that the change in currency rates could lead to a negative impact on the value, price or income of the security.

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You can place buy, sell, cancel & amend orders in the following markets in an easy and interactive way (Pre-market session; Regular session; Post-market session):

GCC & Egypt Markets:

  • Qatar Stock Exchange (T+3)
  • Dubai Financial Market & Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (T+2)
  • Muscat Securities Market (T+2)
  • Bahrain Bourse (T+2)
  • Egyptian Exchange (T+2)

United States of America Market:

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) (T+2)
  • NASDAQ Stock Market (NSDQ) (T+2)
  • NSDQ OTC (T+2)
  • NYSE MKT (T+2)
  • Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) (T+1)

You can invest in sectors like precious metals, semi-conductors, biotechnology, conglomerates, pharmaceuticals, technology, etc. through the American Market ETFs.

You can also view market data and customize your own watchlists to subscribe to real-time markets through the platform.

ANB Invest Global Trading apps will simply keep the diligent and mobile trader in touch with the ever-changing financial markets.

To access this application and begin trading online, you will need to register first: https://reganbi.globaltradingnetwork.com/EN/register/start

To Login: https://anbinvest.globaltradingnetwork.com/web/login

To see the International Markets Commission Table, please click here.

Key features of ANB Invest Global Trading include:

  1. Order placement to buy/sell/amend/cancel/ limit  and market orders
  2. High security with a one-time password generating system
  3. Easy and fast loading Intraday and historical charts
  4. Custom and Smart watch lists to keep a track of your favorite stocks
  5. Status panel to get updated about your trading status and the portfolio valuation
  6. Order list option to view recent orders and search for historical orders
  7. Account summary to analyze your account balance and buying power
  8. Portfolio summary to analyze your holdings and manage your portfolios
  9. Trading alerts option to notify you about your trading account activities
  10. Detailed quote for symbols, giving you a snapshot of a symbol's performance
  11. Bi-lingual selection options to setup in English or Arabic

Frequently asked questions.

For more information, you can contact us on the following email: TD@anbinvest.com.sa or call us on the following numbers: 00966112940333

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