Investment objectives vary as such do their tools. Also, investment strategies vary from speculative to capitalization to concentration of dividend returns among others. Following these differences and this diversity, we have made available multiple investment platforms and channels to serve the different kinds of investors. Further to our desire to offers exceptional services, we have designed the following packages:

Welcome Package Trader Package Professional Package

Delayed Prices

Tadawul Al-Arabi (Internet platforms)

Smartphones (iPhone – Android)
Tablets (iPad – Android)

Live Prices

All welcome package products

Live Prices

All welcome package products

+ TWS Professional Interface

WelcomE Package

A free welcoming package available to all of our clients that includes a rich set of investment platforms with delayed prices:
- Tadawul Al-Arabi: professional trading through online browsers
- Tadawul Al-Arabi for smartphone devices: freedom of trading and market monitoring from any place through iPhone and Android devices
- Tadawul Al-Arabi for Tablet devices: freedom of trading and market monitoring from any place through iPad and Android tablets

Trader Package

Contains all the platforms included in the Welcome Package with live prices. This package provides trading and portfolio management tools, in addition to real-time market monitoring from anywhere through the smartphone and tablet applications.

TWS Professional INTERFACE Package

In addition to the Welcome Package with live prices and the Trader Package and its advanced investment tool, this package provides trading and portfolio management tools and real-time market monitoring anytime from anywhere through smart phone and tablet applications. It also provides technical analysis tools and professional graphs and tools to monitor the market, including stocks liquidity monitoring, news, and other tools to make well informed investment decisions.


Tadawul Al-Arabi is a range of safe and easy online trading services that allow ANB Invest clients to trade and manage their portfolio of investments through a set of advanced trading tools.
These services have the same basic characteristics and benefits with some differences based on the platform used. Some of these platforms provide additional benefits or more services. In general, all Tadawul Al-Arabi services offer the same following advantages:

And differs as follows:

Key Features Tadawul Al-Arabi iPad iPhone Android Tadawul Al-Arabi (TWS)
Placing & Amending Orders and Order Search
Customizing your Workspace x x x
Viewing Account Holding Summary
Cash Transfer between Investment Accounts / to the Bank Account
Viewing Account Statement
Setting an Alert for a Stock
Viewing Best Buy/Sell Orders
Viewing Top gainers/losers
Viewing and Analyzing Stock Performance using Charts & Technical Indicators
Changing the Password
Changing the Language