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Product Features

  • Free trading:              No brokerage commission*
  • Minimum amount:   SAR 250,000
  • Margin facility           1:1
  • Contract period:        12 months
  • Interest rate:              SAIBOR 1yr + Fixed spread on limit

Product Information

ANB Invest is pleased to introduce a margin trading facility of 1:1 for its local brokerage customers. Furthermore, ANB Invest’s brokerage commission will be waived during the facility period. The following interest rates will be charged on the margin trading facility limit:

Facility Amount

12 Month Contract Rate


Up to

SAR 0.250 million

SAR 0.749 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 5.30%

SAR 0.750 million

SAR 1.999 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 4.90%

SAR 2.000 million

SAR 4.999 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 3.80%

SAR 5.000 million

SAR 9.999 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 3.40%

SAR 10.000 million

SAR 19.999 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 3.00%

SAR 20.000 million

SAR 49.999 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 2.65%

SAR 50.000 million

SAR 74.999 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 2.40%

SAR 75.000 million

SAR 119.999 million

SAIBOR 1yr + 2.15%

SAR 120 million & above

Individual pricing


Important Pre-investment Instructions

  • Our customers can benefit from this offer only on the preliminary granted limit, in addition to the organic growth of the portfolio. Any additional deposit should be subject to a separate sub-account / margin agreement
  • Terms & Conditions apply

*Excluding the Saudi Exchange fees, the CMA fees and the VAT.
The Margin Trading Facility product carries a high degree of risk. If the value of the shares in the investment portfolio decreases, the customer would be exposed to a higher risk and volatility and/or will be asked for additional cash/stock deposit or will face liquidation of stocks if the value of the investment portfolio decreases to a predetermined level. In addition, a risk assessment is performed for each customer, so that ANB Invest can assess the suitability of the product risk level against the customer's ability and willingness to bear the risks associated with the product. The request for the service will be accepted or rejected based on this assessment.


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