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Because the confidentiality of your information is important to us, we are committed to ensure that the privacy of your information is protected. The trust you have confided in us is, and will always be, the essential driving force that we work hard to protect, maintain and enhance. We assure you that your information is used solely for the legitimate business purposes for which the information was disclosed. Customer information privacy and security rank high on our list of priorities. We therefore offer this covenant as a sign of our pledge to you that:

  1. We shall protect and maintain any information we have on you strictly in accordance with the highest standards of information security and privacy
  2. We shall restrict information utilization and management to the minimum level required to provide you with the superior service that meets your demands and expectations, and keeps you abreast of service/product offerings as well as other windows of opportunity of interest to you
  3. We shall entrust information management functions only to authorized personnel who received proper training on customer information management techniques. Employees who breach this commitment will be subject to disciplinary actions, including legal liability, as may be prescribed by the Company.
  4. We shall not disclose any customer-specific information to any third party unless we are required to do so by law.
  5. We shall always monitor information confidentiality. If we are to engage an external agencyfor provision of support services, we shall bind them by our established information privacy standards, and shall further secure for ourselves the right to carry out inspections to verifylevels of compliance
  6. We shall exchange customer-related information only with reputable references and clearinghouse service operators and only for credit, verification and risk managementreport generation purposes
  7. We shall not use nor offer for use to others, either internally or externally, any personal medical information that is collected for a particular purpose, other than for the underwriting or management of an insurance policy, claim or a customer account, or aswas originally disclosed to the customer when the information was initially obtained, or in such manner as the customer may specifically authorize us to use or offer to be used.
  8. We shall exert every reasonable effort to keep customer files complete, updated, true and accurate in a timely manner. We shall inform you when and where you can access your account related information comfortably and conveniently, except when the law prohibits such access and the manner in which you can notify us of any errors for immediatecorrection.
  9. In order to ensure that you will not be exposed to any hoax or false e-mails, we shall not send you any e-mail messages except through our dedicated domain( anbinvest.com.sa )

We shall always strive to evaluate our performance against generally accepted performance criteria to ensure the strict compliance with our standards, especially where they relate to the maintenance and protection of customer information privacy. We shall endeavor to carry out our tasks in such manner so as to fulfill our pledge in all communities where we maintain a business operation.
anb invest’s Website Customer Information Privacy Policy

This section sets forth our policy in relation to personal information you may provide in connection with your visit to our website. Our ultimate goal is to protect the privacy of your information the Internet in a manner consistent with the protection level accorded to this information as if it were given through any other delivery channel, including but not limited to, the branch network, Al Arabi ATM and/or Hatif Al Arabi:

  1. You are free to visit our website and browse our products/services and career opportunities. You can also get a summary of the latest developments, news or other services of the Company without requiring you to provide any personal information.
  2. If you elect to provide us with your personal details such as an address, phone or fax number, or other static or introductory data as a customer of ANB Invest, we shall not disclose such personal information to any external agency unless we are required to disclose the information by law. We shall protect the information in accordance to our own Information Security and Privacy standards.

We sometimes use 'cookies' to provide you with an enhanced service standard and/or guard against potential information security/privacy risks. A 'cookie' is a small piece of information the website stores on your own computer that we can subsequently retrieve. We use cookies for a number of administrative reasons, including storage of your information preferences in order that you will not have to re-enter these each time you visit our website. These 'cookies' do not contain anything that would enable any third party to contact you by phone, e-mail or 'snail mail' (regular postal service). Additionally, you can configure your own Internet browser to alert you when a cookie is installed or to jam installation.